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Oh yee of little faith, we still totally fucking rule…meet Cloud.
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After what felt like a really long time, Audio Antihero found something, loved something, signed something and released something. That something was Cloud, a band/collective from Los Angeles via Boston via New York (first international signing, you guys!)…and this is their debut LP “Comfort Songs”

Cloud debuted with Audio Antihero on the “REGAL VS STEAMBOAT” compilation for Rape Crisis with the gorgeous “A Song of What Stays” which was followed up with the free “Mother Sea” single. The single was picked up for airplay by Amazing Radio (Simon Raymonde, Gill Mills), BBC 6 Music (Tom Ravenscroft), XFM (John Kennedy) and FM4 (Robert Rotifer) and was featured by Rough Trade & The Guardian in their “Tracks of the Week” subscription. GOOD TIMES.

The “Comfort Songs” album picked up an 8/10 review on Drowned In Sound and scored a slew of good reviews across the blogosphere, all of which pleased me…except maybe a couple. This was a very rewarding album for me…partly because it was so good “to be back,” partly because Tyler is such a lovely lovely person…and lastly because finding an LP that excels in both exquisite pop sounds and innovates in sonic experiments, well, I couldn’t believe my luck (for a change). This record means a lot to me and I believe it could mean a lot to you too.

“Astoundingly accomplished.” – Pitchfork 

“Cloud know their way around a pop song, and for all of the album’s off-beat charms, and occasionally hard-to-grasp content, it’s a true pop heart which can be found at the centre of every song that helps to make this such a rewarding listen – 8/10.” – Drowned In Sound

“A great record.” – Tom Ravenscroft (BBC 6 Music) 

“The world will fall in love with this. Unity, unity for all the lost young souls. You’ve done it, you’ve done it. I wish I could’ve cheered, not just in type, but literally, jumping and crying.” –Collapse Board

“Comfort Songs holds a strong claim as one of best albums under the ill-defined umbrella of ‘indie-rock’ that has been released in the last decade or so – 10/10.” – Contact Music 

“Great!” – Eric Lawrence (KCRW) 

“Emerging 21 year old singer/producer Cloud forges a rich, heartening sound around a passionate vocal, dressing his narratives in shimmering instrumentation, like Conor Oberst in the throes of an obsession with psychedelia.” – Rough Trade & The Guardian 

“Excellent.” – Tom Robinson (BBC 6 Music) 

“Immediately one of my favourite albums of the year.” – Sonic Reverie 

“I love this…” – Simon Raymonde (Amazing Radio/Bella Union) 

“Mainman Tyler Taormina veers through emotions and narratives over the convention-blurring full-length, crooning of love and life and fear and anger over a stunning backdrop of fuzzy guitars, shuffling rhythms and clarion brass. It’s a record sodden with heavyweight feeling that gets you right inside the inner machinations of a troubled soul; it’s simultaneously heartbreaking and fascinating.” – Bearded Magazine 

“A very strong debut.” – 7BitArcade 

“What starts out promising to be a short and sweet alt-rock number, expands out into a captivating instrumental which ebbs and flows…be sure to check out the record – 8/10.” –Shout 4 Music 

“No.1 Album of 2013.” – Crackle Feedback 

“Deserves to be a huge indie hit.” – Yankie Music 

“In Comfort Songs I find a time for reflection, a confirmation of life and its wonder, and a sense of belonging – to whom, I’m not certain, but to someone. And I know, years down the road, this will remain a landmark album for me, with just the same resonant power. Hopefully, dear reader, you’ll be moved, too.” – GoldFlakePaint

Drowned In Sound Review

“Comfort Songs” Track by Track on God Is In The TV


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