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Tempertwig is something special for fans of the Parker brothers (Nosferatu D2 / The Superman Revenge Squad Band).

Tempertwig Digital

FAKE NOSTALGIA: An Anthology of Broken Stuff is a collection of recordings from Ben Parker, Adam Parker and bassist of Daniel Debono. Pre-dating the acclaimed cult favourite work of Nosferatu D2 and Superman Revenge Squad, the Tempertwig trio were active from 1999-2004 and FAKE NOSTALGIA captures these early and urgent days.

Lyrical, frantic, minimalistic and eclectically unpredictable, theirs is a sound which has launched labels a decade apart. This collection is released by Audio Antihero Records, who formed in 2009 to release Nosferatu D2’s lone album, and, the fledgling Randy Sadage label, who are debuting in 2019 to release this Tempertwig anthology. This music means a lot to a few.

Contacts: Ben Parker – ben_hates_penguins @ yahoo dot com / info @ audioantihero dot com


“Angled hooks, mathematical elasticity, and unbridled ferocity, the Parker brothers are the lost pioneers of the indie-emo scene.” – Cereal and Sounds (Album Premiere)

“It may have been written almost twenty years ago, yet listening to this collection, Tempertwig feel like they were not a band who ever really tried to fit in, as such they sound as fresh and intriguing now as they ever did.” – For the Rabbits (“Apricot” Premiere)

“It’s a cliché to say that the Parkers were ahead of their time – but it’s certainly true that the songs on FAKE NOSTALGIA are as relevant now as when they were recorded almost twenty years ago.” – Beautiful Freaks (“This Means Everything, This Don’t Mean a Thing” Premiere)

“Melancholic, tired anger…classic Parker brothers, the vulnerable honesty balanced with an unceasing self-consciousness, the cost of trying to communicate candidly in a culture that Mark Fisher labels ‘capitalist realism’—where everything has long since been used up and commodified, and nothing new can emerge.” Various Small Flames (“Everything Can Be Derailed / Comfort Blanket” Premiere)

“It’s simply stunning and sounds like the future even though it’s over 15 years old.” – The Devil Has the Best Tuna

“The music of Tempertwig is damp, gloomy post-punk a la Arab Strap. However, the bleakness of the music doesn’t  come at the expense of some truly chilling lyrical narratives and emotive vocal deliveries.” – The Alternative (Track-By-Track feature commentary)

“Like a faster Slint or a more battle-beaten Art Brut (Ben Parker’s mostly spoken vocals are full of cutting barbs and pop culture references, he’s just not so concerned with life’s high points)…” – Crackle Feedback

“As the band talk about wasted summers, you can see why the Parker brothers have a cult following and can imagine this is the kind of song that Gareth from Los Campesinos would fawn over…” – Spectral Nights

“Back then and now, Ben’s writing always struck me as introspective, but dying to bleed out; the refrain to hide the sleeping pills speaks to such a private restlessness, and yet here we are in the bedroom, kicking awake too on an early night in.” – This Is Not a Drill

“15 years after they ceased operations, Tempertwig still sound fresh and transgressive. Parker sings “Fake nostalgia makes me sick” but I can’t feign nostalgia for something I never knew existed. Instead I’ll just revel in something new and exciting. In an overproduced world Fake Nostalgia sounds naïve, rebellious, and compellingly authentic.” – Muso’s Guide