Audio Antihero:

Specialists in Commercial Suicide

Nosferatu D2

The debut record from Audio Antihero: Specialists in Commercial Suicide…
Dubbed “The band that won’t die” by BBC 6 Music’s Tom Robinson, the duo earned National & International radio features and accolades from Drowned in Sound and Pitchfork years after their split when Audio Antihero dusted off their abandoned debut LP and issued to it great critical acclaim. In their short lifespan they played shows with Los Campesinos!, Air Formation and Sky Larkin, found fans in Huw Stephens (Radio 1) and John Kennedy (XFM) and earned the admiration of the blogosphere but it’s been Night Of The Living Dead ever since!  Their ear for tone and unbelievable chemistry for rhythm and dynamics provided an exhausting and jagged platform for vocalist Ben Parker, the most unique lyricist in London to let loose, spilling every thought and feeling he couldn’t contain any longer onto the sticky streets of Croydon. Often amusing and endlessly tragic, Nosferatu D2’s debut will be remembered. This was the best possible calling card for Audio Antihero and I’m so proud that we had a hand in their rise to vague popularity.

“Some kind of alchemy, not to be repeated – a mix of tension, bitterness, and a way with lyrics that no one has, or will, match – 9/10.”Drowned In Sound

“Perfect in their hopelessness.”Pitchfork

“Your record collection is incomplete without its inclusion.”The Line of Best Fit 

“This south London duo sound like post-rockers Mogwai reinterpreting choice moments from The Fall’s illustrious back catalogue. Their songs make for a snotty, sneering listen and are as giddily hypnotic as they are unsettling.”NME

“If Pavement were from a small English town and had to watch Christmas reruns of Only Fall And Horses. There’s only two of them, doesn’t sound like there’s only two of them. I do like this, like it lots actually.”Organ Magazine

“A lo-fi masterpiece – 9/10.”The Music Fix 

“An emotional rollercoaster laced with blaspheme and romantic despair – 8/10.”This is Fake DIY 

“Nosferatu D2 are one of my favourite bands of all time. Some of the best, most hateful lyrics you’ll ever hear.”Gareth of Los Campesinos! 

“Not an album to listen to if you want cheering up, but for great musicianship and lyrical brilliance this is the place.” Chris Chinchilla of Art Brut


Ben Parker (Vocals/Guitar) & Adam Parker (Drums)

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Superman Revenge

Contacts: Ben Parker – ben_hates_penguins @ yahoo dot com / info @ audioantihero dot com

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