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OUT NOW: “From the River to the Sea: The Horrible Truth About Palestine – a Fundraiser for the United Palestinian Appeal”

Audio Antihero is back and out of retirement for a wonderful benefit compilation for United Palestinian Appeal featuring Frog, Cloud, Magana, bedbug, Megadead (Benjamin Shaw), Kahlil Ali, CHUCK, Laptop Funeral, Broken Shoulder, HARDCOREBAE, Melissa Lozada-Oliva and more.

“It’s been over a year since Audio Antihero last released any music and I’d no plans to bring the label back. But the endless atrocities committed by Israel remind me that we all have to do something to help and openly object. And this is something small that I still kinda know how to do.

The compilation is primarily intended to raise funds for the UPA’s essential work in Palestine. But I also want to show our solidarity with the Palestinian people and our opposition to the Israeli government as well as our own. We cannot be too polite or too afraid to acknowledge that Palestinians are living under apartheid and that even protected classes (children, the disabled, medics, protestors and journalists) face constant acts of racist military violence and assination which are clearly defined as war crimes. These acts of genocide are supported, defended and funded by so many of our own governments. We don’t have the luxury of feeling unable to comment on this one sided “conflict.”

The artists that appear here span and merge genres like Hip-Hop, Indie Rock, Contemporary Classical, Alternative Pop, Freak Folk, Electronica, Ambient, Drone, Folk Punk, Bedroom Pop, Lo-Fi, Garage Rock, Psychedelica and beyond. These contributors include longtime Audio Antihero roster members, debuting and established artists, award winning composers, published authors and in CHUCK’s case, an artist coming out of several year hiatus to show their support for the cause.

From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be Free.” – Jamie (they/them) – Audio Antihero / Broken Broken Bastard

Track List:

  1. Kahlil AliMarsha
  2. SuperKnovaNight’s a Bitch
  3. Laptop FuneralA Familiar Feeling (feat. Port Lucian & Turi)
  4. HARDCOREBAEno indictment / hang yourself 
  5. Melissa Lozada-OlivaI Love You in My Dead Grandfather’s Button Down
  6. FrogRubbernecking (Live in Edinburgh)
  7. Nicholas NicholasHardtime Hologram
  8. Eddie VioletParachute (feat. AYMAN)
  9. mhauesh // مهاوشUncle Mansour’s Cabin // كوخ العم منصور
  10. MaganaSay My Name
  11. bedbugthe last generation to go to hell 
  12. Broken Broken BastardDead Kennedys (feat. Megadead)
  13. MegadeadChief of the Dead
  14. Toothpasteروح
  15. CloudGood Things
  16. CHUCKOnly One I Know
  17. Josaleigh Pollett Something Pretty
  18. BriveleIn Dokh Zing Ikh
  19. Jonny TeklitPraise Song 
  20. Alex ChilltownDrone (Demo)
  21. Broken ShoulderTransit 
  22. PHONODELICA1896 [Extended Version] (feat. Huda Asfour)