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OUT NOW: The Superman Revenge Squad Band – “There Is Nothing More Frightening Than the Passing of Time”

Hello friends,

The time for talking/cut & pasting press releases is over. The Superman Revenge Squad Band album is available to buy now from the following folks:

Bandcamp (CD/Download) / iTunes / Google PlayFair Share Music / Rough Trade / Amazon / eMusicSpotify / Rdio / Deezer

Enjoy. I’m very proud of it.

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New Signing/Free Single: The Superman Revenge Squad Band

Hello, friends. This here is a big deal. Here is the free leading single from Ben Parker’s Superman Revenge Squad Band, taken from their upcoming album “There Is Nothing More Frightening Than The Passing Of Time” – limited to 140 copies and as inexpensive as we could possibly make it. It’s a genuine thrill to re-welcome Ben and Adam Parker to the Audio Antihero fold, having started this label pretty much exclusively as a vehicle to get the ‘lost’ Nosferatu D2 album (AAH001) released and celebrated, it feels RIGHT to mark AAH010 with the recorded return of these two and a bunch of their friends.

Pre-Order: iTunes / Bandcamp

If you’ve followed the work of Superman Revenge Squad then you’ll know the joys of his minimal instrumentation and his inimitable wit and vocal presence…but this Big Band expansion is likely very new to you indeed. Packed full of guitar, drums, saxophone, accordion, piano and cello, these recording sessions (recorded in Croydon, of course) provide a wonderfully vast and varied canvas for Parker’s beautiful, observational, nostalgic, abstract and often stream-of-conscious lyrical narratives. You’ll enjoy it.

I am very pleased and proud to be able to call a Superman Revenge Squad release one my own and come the release date, I think you’ll be able to see why too.

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Cloud’s “Comfort Songs” album out now!

I’m just christening this partially unfinished new website with the big ol’ news that we’ve released a new record!

Also available from: iTunes / Amazon / Fairsharemusic / Rough Trade / 7digital

Free Single:

“Astoundingly accomplished.”Pitchfork 

“Cloud know their way around a pop song, and for all of the album’s off-beat charms, and occasionally hard-to-grasp content, it’s a true pop heart which can be found at the centre of every song that helps to make this such a rewarding listen – 8/10.” –Drowned In Sound 

“A great record.” – Tom Ravenscroft (BBC 6 Music) 

“Comfort Songs holds a strong claim as one of best albums under the ill-defined umbrella of ‘indie-rock’ that has been released in the last decade or so – 10/10.”Contact Music 

“Emerging 21 year old singer/producer Cloud forges a rich, heartening sound around a passionate vocal, dressing his narratives in shimmering instrumentation, like Conor Oberst in the throes of an obsession with psychedelia.” – Rough Trade 

“Immediately one of my favourite albums of the year.” - Sonic Reverie 

“A very impressive debut.” – 7BitArcade

“In Comfort Songs I find a time for reflection, a confirmation of life and its wonder, and a sense of belonging – to whom, I’m not certain, but to someone. And I know, years down the road, this will remain a landmark album for me, with just the same resonant power. Hopefully, dear reader, you’ll be moved, too.” – GoldFlakePaint 

“I love this…” – Simon Raymonde (Amazing Radio/Bella Union) 

“Properly great…unsteady melodies and a decent amount of self-doubt before heading deep into a freak-folk coda.” –Sweeping The Nation

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A new website/thing


Here’s the old/current site, I’ll miss it:

It feels like a bit of a cop-out to join everybody in this BIG WHITE WORDPRESS MUSIC WEBSITE world…but my god, it feels nice to have a website that I have some element of control over, one where I can embed things and use pictures and widgets without ruining my entire life forever. So, while it wasn’t an easy decision…this is our vaguely new website. I’m very thankful for all the unlimited help  I was given (i.e somebody anonymously doing most of it for me).

Getting there… maybe

AAH poster2


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