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OUT NOW: Frog – “Count Bateman” plus new free/pwyw releases from Benjamin Shaw, Fighting Kites and Broken Shoulder

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Count Bateman the killer new album from Frog is out now! Listen on Bandcamp and Spotify.

Early Press for Count Bateman:

“When an album comes along and feels something like an old friend, comforting and familiar yet full of new tales to share and with these a sense of growth and evolution, you know it’s one to keep close. Such is the new record Count Bateman from cult NYC band Frog.” – London In Stereo

“Count Bateman will become the summer record you need for the rest of time. Essential and sentimental. A classic already.” – Circuit Sweet

“Frog are like Matisse, painters of windows and fixtures that open in an expanse of neighborhoods, cities and stories. Count Bateman is an open window from which air enters and often there is also a hurricane breeze…” – Monolith Cocktail

“No matter how different the record might sound, this is still assuredly Frog. Different gear, a member down, no longer confined to Queens and still the spirit remains, that boundless energy determined to orbit closer and closer to whatever it means to be an American. That Frog is constantly changing, borrowing different influences and styles and geographic inspiration, only strengthens such a quest, living as we are through a time of nebulous identity, where ‘American’ means everything and nothing.” – Various Small Flames

“…Danny Bateman reveals himself all throughout Count Bateman as one of the sharpest songwriters operating in the realms of lo-fi pop in 2019. This is really, really good stuff, folks.” – A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed

“Count Bateman, as well as an experimentation in sound, is equally an experiment in loneliness, an attempt, as Danny puts it, “to wear all the hats”, All the record’s characters are just different parts of Danny’s mind, different conjuring experiments laid to tape, with an end result of a record that is made entirely in the image of its creator, and couldn’t sound any better for it.” – For the Rabbits

“‘Count Bateman’ is a powerful and personal record that tries to make some kind of sense of the perplexing and puzzling modern world.” – Spectral Nights

“…Puts Frog squarely in Manhattan, bumming cigarettes and binge drinking. He’s aloof, but still secretly hopes to fall in love, playing Sade in the car with whomever is on the receiving end of this song’s phone line.” – Sawdust & Gin 

“Frog is a half-remembered dream or a dreamt memory; Count Bateman a nostalgic autobiography.” – Beautiful Freaks

“Take my word for it: Queens-based band Frog have something great in store with newly-announced third LP Count Bateman, representing a new high point in their distinctive “Wyrd-Americana” sound.” – SOMETHINGGOOD

Whatever guise the future of Frog takes, it’s just nice to know that there is a Frog, whether that’s alone in America, or pen pals across the pond. Long live Frog.” – Crackle Feedback

Plus, we’ve also recently released a stack of killer free / pay-what-you-want releases from Benjamin Shaw, Broken Shoulder and Fighting Kites. Go grab those now:

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