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Out Now: Frog – “Whatever We Probably Already Had It”

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The day is here! New Frog!

Buy Digital & Cassette on Bandcamp!

Plus, it’s streaming on Spotify and everywhere else.

“Frog returns and is alive with tales of sadness, hysteria and delusions. Though the narratives are ambiguous and chimerical, each feel personal and poignant. The cult of Frog will only get bigger.”Cereal & Sounds (Album Premiere)

“One of the most emotionally gripping tracks we’ve heard this year…There’s so much happening within every second of this song to latch onto.”The Grey Estates (“Something to Hide” premiere)

“Locked between the unstoppable force of self-deprecation & the immovable object of the American Dream.”Various Small Flames (“American” premiere)

“Frog continue to exist outside of musical fads and trends, a welcome moment of quiet contemplation in the sometimes hectic modern world, a subtle, stunning triumph.”For the Rabbits (“Bones” premiere)

The amazing “Kings of Blah” documentary is out now (and free via Vimeo) too:

Thank you all.

p.s these tapes look nice – buy one:


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