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Out Now: Benjamin Shaw – “Megadead”

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Benjamin Shaw‘s Megadead album is out now. You can get it from Bandcamp digitally for $1 (or more), plus there’s tapes ($5) as well as CDs (from Kirigirisu Recordings).

Listen / BuyBandcamp / Spotify / Kirigirisu Recordings / More Services

“Your nails dig into the back of your head and you tug at your hair, wondering how hard you could pull before you finally rip it out of your skull. That’s what it feels like to listen to Benjamin Shaw’s new single…There is something so intensely private about his work, like he is somehow reaching through your headphones and speaking to a part of you which you didn’t know existed. It’s quite rare that a song can make you feel everything at once.” – Atwood Magazine 

“A chameleon of genres, the Melbourne-based shaw has drifted through washes of shoegaze and fields of electronica, melding dissonant drones and folk affectations into an incredibly singular and raw brand of confessional music, its ennui palpable.” – Dimestore Saints 




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