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Out Now: “The Desperation Club” – A Cloud Tribute Compilation

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As we work on retiring my guy Ty, we’ve been lucky find 34 (!) artists with love and affection for Cloud, who wanted to record a cover of his for a brand new tribute album. It has been a beautiful (and weird) experience.

This record includes a hugely eclectic set of covers of songs from every Cloud release, from Audio Antihero alumni like Magana, Benjamin Shaw, Jack Hayter, former compilation guests like Samira Winter, Marblemouth, Antony Harding, as well new artists that include friends, family, former Cloud collaborators and much more. It’s a wonderful thing.

“This has been an incredibly warming and strange experience over the past few months for Jamie from Audio Antihero and I to hear covers from our friends coming in. Each one brought to me a sense of nostalgia for the song being covered, when it was written/recorded or simply remembering the fact that the song had existed. And laced with that feeling was the comforting presence of a friend who was singing the new version, their interpretation of the tune many times actually better performed than the original versions, some of which date back to when I was 18 old. I’ve heard all of the covers once and had a really intense experience nearly every time I heard them. I’m not sure if I can hear them all again but I know the impressions they’ve left on me are enormous and speak volumes to the talent of the friends that I’ve made throughout the years. 

I’m quite glad we did this for a few reasons, and I must say the main reason is to prompt these friends of mine to keep making as much music as they possibly can before we all get old and boring. ❤ 

Thanks everyone for contributing and for listening and supporting Cloud over the years. For new listeners, I hope that this compilation can serve as a guide to some of the tunes we’ve been brewing up over the years.”Tyler Taormina / Cloud 

While I’m here, something else you might have missed was this recent Cloud b-side:

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