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Five Long Years of Audio Antihero (Free Birthday Compilation/50% Discount) + “You & Me – EP + Halloween Spectacular”

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Hello friends,

Today is Audio Antihero’s fifth birthday. Can you believe that? Half a frickin’ decade ago, AAH “released” Nosferatu D2‘s “We’re Gonna Walk Around This City With Our Headphones on to Block Out the Noise” and Benjamin Shaw‘s “I Got the Pox, the Pox is What I Got” without a clue. Jeepers.

Anyway, you can download a free “Five Long Years” compilation to celebrate our continued existence. Ten of my favourite songs from the catalogue and a couple of hidden fun bits too.

Also, if you’re quick (ends Friday) you can get 50% off anything on the Audio Antihero Bandcamp with the discount code “fuckthisshit” – so, have a look –


Jack Hayter, Cloud and Broken Shoulder recently all re-worked Benjamin Shaw‘s “You & Me” for this lovely cash-in EP.

It was designed to help me sell more of Ben’s “Goodbye, Cagoule World” album…and it did. It was also intended to help get us the on the radio some more and thanks to Steve Lamacq, Gideon Coe and Tom Ravenscroft that worked too. You all fell right into my trap. Thanks. x

FINAL THING: Audio Antihero’s Halloween Spectacular is up now to listen to and it rocks.


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