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Out Now: Benjamin Shaw – “Goodbye, Cagoule World”

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You probably already know this but if not, that Benjamin Shaw album we kept talking about (“Goodbye, Cagoule World”!) is now available to buy on CD (£5) / Stress Ball (£4) or Lossless Download (£3) or all three (£7) via Bandcamp. Also on iTunes. It’s lovely. The launch show went WONDERFULLY and the reviews have been really really nice but if Subba Cultcha want to come and slag it off belatedly then we’d welcome it (and fully deserve it).

Thanks to everybody who bought it, streamed it, reviewed it or otherwise supported it.



“‘Goodbye, Cagoule World’ is a messy, miserable comedown that may just provide the most beautiful moments you share with music all year.”The Music Fix“Shaw may be pop’s outsider – something many outlets noted upon his entry into the world of music (Clash even called him a freak, though they meant well) – but with this release, he shows a faint desire to join the central fold. Perhaps it’s due to resolute defeat, but still, that counts, right?”The 405

“Embrace this record, ‘cos it’s a true crafted thing of beauty, and no ball of sentimental aerie fluff..”GoldFlakePaint
“Recalling mock suicidal exclamations from Daffy Duck, or a wretched sob before a particularly strong drink, the record is a welcome piece of self-indulgent oblivion to give your life some much-needed perspective. Goodbye Cagoule World is a nice, dry bit of kit to brave the ridiculous weather.”Bearded Magazine
“…a definite contender for album of the year.”Cracklefeedback“Several things are certain in life – death, taxes and that Benjamin Shaw is a total mess.” Young Gold Teeth

“The arrangements on this record are nothing short of masterful..What Benjamin Shaw has done here, is create something that demands a few hours of your time, something unique.”7BitArcade“Those who hang around long enough will be rewarded by a record of subtle beauty, endearing disorder and genuine human sentiment.”Shout4Music

“Shaw’s distinctly smart and singular voice — whipsmart and deeply affecting, and we’re using “voice” in the figurative sense here — puts him in the rarified company of non-hitmakers of the day including Krill’s Jonah Furman or Los Campesinos!’ Gareth Paisey.”Clicky Clicky Music Blog

“It is rare that a singer-songwriter shows this level of self-awareness, and this “singer-songwriter” (if you wanna be so bourgeois as to call him that) is fussing with the parameters of the pop song and re-examining the rules of what it is to be a singer-songwriter.”Old School Record Review


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